Jen Seidel Studios has partnered with 80 West Studios in order to deliver to you a full-service, versatile, one-stop shop. Our partnership has allowed us the opportunity to serve our clients with a vast array of products and services, ranging from tangible, personalized art, to printing and promotional services. Feel free to have a thorough visit on our websites to find what we are capable of bringing to you. We put an immense amount of effort into making your stay on our sites not only surprisingly enjoyable and entertaining but user friendly and unbelievably useful on a variety of your creative and coordinating needs. 



PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO SERVICES                                        LICENSED MUA SERVICES

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY                                                  WEDDING DAY MAKEUP

WEDDING/PORTFOLIO MAKEUP                                         WEDDING TRIAL MAKEUP


WEDDING VIDEO SERVICES                                                  GREEN SCREEN VIDEO/ON SET

BODY PAINT PHOTOGRAPHY                                                MAKEUP LESSONS

EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY                                                           CORRECTIVE MAKEUP


TODDLERS & CHILDREN                                              BODY PAINTING SERVICES

BOUDIOR PHOTOGRAPHY                                          CONCEPTUAL/ARTISTIC SESSIONS

CONCEPTUAL                                                                 MARKETING/BRAND ADVERTISEMENT

LIFESTYLE & FASHION                                                   MATERNITY/BELLY PAINT

MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY                                       CORPORATE/PUBLIC EVENTS




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Jen Seidel Studios, in conjunction with 80 West Studios , offer a Full-Service Photography and Art Studio and Provide the Ultimate Professional Setting for Your Personalized Session. We Have Created this FAQs/Services Page to Better Answer Some of The Questions that You May Have in Regard to Working with Us. Please Read Below to See if We Have Answered Your Question. If We Have Not, Please Feel Free to Contact Us Here

Body Painting Services FAQs:

1. What should I expect to bring with me for my private session?

When booking a Body Paint session with Jen Seidel and 80 West, please prepare yourself for the number of hours that your session will require to complete. Bringing light food is recommended. “NOT” eating is HIGHLY NOT recommended.

2. How do I book Jen Seidel for LIVE Body Paint events?

Once you are in contact our studio, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete and return to us. This will give us a better understanding of the purpose of your event and the details of your event in order to better understand your expectations of us. Once your questionnaire is returned to us, you will be sent a formal written quote with a request for a 50% non-refundable/non-transferable deposit. This will secure both your date and time slot. The balance is due on or prior to the day of service.

3. What must I do/not do, to prepare myself to be painted by Jen Seidel?

Please DO NOT wear deodorant or lotion prior to being painted, as it could interfere with the application of the paint and the overall final result. We recommend that you please come with legs, underarms or any area that will be painted completely shaven before you are to be painted.

4. What type of paint do you use?

Jen Seidel uses water-based paint that is made specifically for the human skin and is in no way harmful or toxic. Latex or latex-based paint is NOT used.

5. Ad Campaigns / Print Work / Editorials:

Body Painting is a niche focused medium to promote any business and to increase sales and gain awareness of a product or concept. When used to its full potential it is proven to be an “attention getter” on many levels. Used for many different concepts over the years and a variety of advertising campaigns we prefer to coin it “Innovative Marketing.” It is a specialty that Jen and her team take pride in creating. Jen spends hours painting one or several models during the day in studio or on a set, transforming them into a walking billboard, in which the photographer will then capture and turn into a timeless image or even an advertisement for your brand. We create unique and artistic advertisements for charities, corporate events and much more. Once your ad has reached completion we will feature our live painted models for your event which brings the product or concept to life. It is a definite win and clearly your product and your cause will not be forgotten.

Event Photography:

Having a professional photographer to capture your guests with the painted models creates a buzz that people will not stop talking about. Our unique Body Painted Centerpieces add a special something to your event that is arguably unmatched. The artistic photographs will tell your story that will bring your concept, product or business into a life all its own. Our professional photo shoots of your event come equipped with not only our artistic style of photographing the event itself but also come complete with high-resolution images of a photo shoot that we perform with the painted model that you will be licensed for your advertising use. This innovative method of marketing is guaranteed be unforgettable and will certainly increase attention and awareness to your product AND event attendance…


***Out of Town Events:

Jen Seidel Studios travels ***IN A TEAM ONLY*** to the location of your event. This includes at least one assistant, model, photographer and/or videographer. Each contract/quote may differ, however, Jen Seidel Studios may be commissioned by a day rate.

1. What are the age requirements to be painted for an event?

You must be at least 18 years of age to be painted for an event. You must be 21 years of age to be painted for any event relating to any alcohol logo or an event that promotes the use of alcohol. Proof of age will be required in the form of a state issued drivers’s license.

2. Do you paint over bikini tops or other clothing?

Jen Seidel does not specialize in painting over bikinis, bras or any type of clothing falling under Body Painting services. Although at times she can blend in materials she prefers to paint full tops to look like authentic tops. Pasties are used over the breasts which provides full coverage in areas that require coverage. This is what helps to keep Jen’s art edgy but classy and gives it its “WOW” factor. Some exceptions are made with certain carefully chosen materials to help create a character look.


When painting specific logos, interference with the brushes and paint caused by any materials can cause difficulty in achieving the end goal and therefore defeating the overall purpose of the Body Paint.

3. How do people react when seeing one of Jen’s painted models in a public venue?

When first seeing Jen’s painted models, many fail to realize that the model is painted. The model is painted in such a realistic manner that it often takes repeated glances from guests and spectators to conclude that it is painted artwork on the model. Some still do not make the connection until minutes or frequently HOURS later depending on the extravagance of the art.

4. Do you travel and if so can we book your models?

Yes Jen will travel to you with her team. This is priced according to your states per diem and dark days along with our studio’s daily rate. Hotel and air accommodations must be booked prior to the completion and finalization of any contract.

5. How can I book Jen?

Please fill out the contact form on the website ( ) and include the date, time and location of the event, along with the duration that the model/s will be required. Our team will require as much information as possible to accurately serve you.

6. Do I need to secure my booking with a deposit and if so how much?

Deposits of 50% of the total confirmed quote are necessary to book Jen and or her team members. These deposits are non-refundable / non-transferrable.

7. Will you paint OUR models for an event? You may utilize your own models for your event, however, there is a process that must first be completed. Before a model may be used, he/she MUST send three (3) photographs along with body measurements to – They will be asked to sign Jen Seidel, LLC. Model Release & Guidelines and return them prior to being painted for any event. When a model is painted for an event, most often you will find her painting in studio and then sending the models to your booked event. Exceptions can be made for Jen to paint at your venue if certain criteria is met. Jen’s models will not travel alone. They will always be accompanied by a driver or a chaperone. Ensuring our Models’ safety is our number one priority.

**Any other questions may be submitted to – We look forward to working with you soon. ***IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS – PLEASE READ***

Jen Seidel, LLC is NOT a Modeling Agency. Models that are hired for the services provided by Jen Seidel, LLC.  are Self-Employed freelance models.

Painted models are not dancers, bartenders, escorts or adult entertainers. Body Paint is NOT waterproof. It is best that models not be around liquids or venues kept at extreme temperatures, as it may destroy the painted attire. Models are to be posing with your clients and guests for photographs or to be Advertising Centerpieces to intrigue your guests and turn heads. Keep in mind models with painted logos are there to be marketing your product, label or theme. Photographs last forever.




Wedding Makeup:

Jen will create a unique look for you with her personalized makeup expertise. Jen uses her mothers specially formulated product, Linda Seidel Cosmetics  along with other trendy products to offer you your choice of a soft natural look to intense glamour/fashion. Jen offers a trial make-over when booking your wedding so that you may see what you will look like on your special day. You will love the way you look so much that she asks you to book your trial on a night you are to go out on the town or pose for a photo shoot to allow you to capture your beauty prior to your Wedding Day. Jen understands the importance of this special event and is confident that you will feel and look your very best when that day arrives. When her brides are confident, calm and beyond happy, Jen is happy! Although Jen does offer hair service she prefers to utilize her professional wedding stylists as she prefers to solely focus on her makeup applications for a wedding. If you are ready to book Jen for a wedding please fill out her contact form. Make sure to include your date and venue when requesting her wedding contract. Additional and helpful information is included in the wedding contract and it should answer most, if not all of your questions.

Makeup Lessons:

Two (2) hour lesson- Jen will assess your skin type and help determine what product/s are best for you in order to clean your skin and prepare it for everyday makeup application while maintaining a youthful glow. Jen offers her expertise on how to slow the aging process with state of the art products to look your very best everyday. A full makeup lesson will follow. She urges you to bring all of your old makeup to her so she can help sort and organize what you are already using. If you are in need new products than you are in luck. Jens formula has you Covered.

All-in-One Makeup and Hair Styling:

In Studio or on location Shoots: Jen creates a flawless look ranging from Natural to Hollywood Glam, depending on what the client is requesting. Jen is available for booking a one time makeup and hair session or may be commissioned to add extra hours for touch ups and/or makeup and hair changes with different looks throughout the entire photo session with the photographer on site creating a full in studio service.

Children 3-12 years of age:

Jen will apply a very light makeup application smoothing out the skin tone and creating an even appearance on the face of a child if desired or required. Powder is used for a matte finish. This look is applied with an extra light touch from Jen to guarantee an all-natural look and adds that extra glow in preparation for the child’s photo session. This may include foundation, powder and some hair styling.

Preteens 13-17 years of age:

Jen will apply a full makeup application including foundation, powder and eyes, creating a light glamour look yet maintaining that natural beauty within. Options for more intricate hair styles may be requested PRIOR to the teens session.

Adults 18 years of age and above:

Jen will apply full makeup application including artificial lashes if requested. Full makeup application includes foundation, powder, and eyes and lashes, creating a high-end fashion/glamour look, yet maintaining that natural beauty within.

Male Makeup:

Jen applies a light touch of makeup to match the skin tone on the face and neck to create a smoother finished look and to remove any unwanted blemishes. Finishing with powder creates a smooth and perfect look for any photo session. Men deserve the same personalized attention as women. Jen will keep the male looking fresh and clean by touching up hair if needed.

Corrective Camoflage Special Services:

Jen Seidel is a trained Rehabilitation Specialist and a licensed Aesthetician by the state of Maryland and offers a special unique service that helps people with multiple types of skin disorders ranging from simple discolorations such as dark circles, freckles, acne, blemishes, Rosacia to more dramatic skin disorders such as vitiligo, birthmarks and even severe burn scars and post trauma scars from any kind of surgery. Every individuals situation is unique. Jen’s approach will help to comfort each client and give them the confidence to apply our breakthrough products from Linda Seidel Cosmetics on their own and with ease.